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View the developments of P.E. planner here.

  1. Learning objectives v1.6.0 Latest

    The activity editor now has a fill-in option for adding learning objectives.

  2. Activity Editor 2 v1.5.1

    The activity editor now has a new design with more features and fill-in options.

  3. Community library v1.5

    Get access to over 2000+ activities made by other sport teachers. Rate, share and edit activities from other users.

  4. Tags search engine v1.4

    With the newly inplemented tags it is now way easier to search and filter your activities.

  5. Activity Editor v1.3

    The activity editor is the start to create, download and share sport activities.

  6. The 3D Editor v1.2

    These plans are getting really beautifull now! 400+ new 3D images and backgrounds were added.

  7. New functionalities for the editor v1.1

    Editing gets really easy with the new functionalities!

  8. P.E. Planner v1.0

    We released a more stable and better editor in a new framework. The start of something beautifull.

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